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Charge Into Summer: 10 Top EV-Friendly U.S. Destinations for 2024

Electric vehicles (EVs) are reshaping the way we explore the great outdoors. As more travelers opt for sustainability on their journeys, finding destinations that cater to EVs becomes crucial. Here's a guide to the top 10 EV-friendly destinations across the U.S. for your summer 2024 adventures. These spots not only offer abundant charging stations but also boast scenic routes and accommodations that welcome EV travelers.

1. San Francisco, California

Start your adventure in the tech-savvy city of San Francisco. Known for its iconic Golden Gate Bridge and vibrant arts scene, the city is abundant in EV charging stations. Drive down the famous Lombard Street or cruise to nearby vineyards in Napa Valley, assured your EV can be easily charged along the way.

2. Portland, Oregon

Famous for its green initiatives, Portland is a haven for EV drivers. With a network of charging stations and bike paths, the city promotes a sustainable lifestyle. Don't miss the scenic Columbia River Gorge, a short drive away, perfect for testing the range of your EV.

3. Austin, Texas

Austin combines Texan hospitality with an eco-conscious spirit, making it ideal for EV travelers. The city offers numerous charging points and is a great starting point for a road trip to the Texas Hill Country, known for its wildflowers and gentle hills.

4. Orlando, Florida

Home to world-renowned theme parks, Orlando caters well to electric vehicles. Numerous resorts and parks offer charging stations, allowing for a worry-free family vacation. The city serves as a great base to explore the scenic drives to the coasts of Florida, which are just as EV-friendly.

5. Asheville, North Carolina

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Asheville is not only picturesque but also EV-friendly. The downtown area has several charging stations, and the scenic drives through the mountains are perfect for electric vehicles, providing breathtaking views without the gas guilt.

6. Boulder, Colorado

Boulder is a paradise for the eco-conscious, with its walkable city center and plethora of charging stations. Drive your EV to the Rocky Mountain National Park, an hour away, enjoying various charging spots en route.

7. Seattle, Washington

Seattle’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its extensive network of EV charging stations. Explore the city’s famous Space Needle and Pike Place Market, then take your EV on a ferry ride to the nearby Olympic Peninsula, a journey made easy with plentiful charging options.

8. Phoenix, Arizona

Despite its desert setting, Phoenix is surprisingly EV-friendly, offering many charging stations. The drive to Sedona through the Red Rock Scenic Byway is particularly suitable for EVs, offering stunning landscapes with reliable charging points along the way.

9. Los Angeles, California

LA might be known for its freeways, but it's also great for EVs, with an extensive network of chargers. From here, cruise along the Pacific Coast Highway to Malibu or Santa Barbara, enjoying seamless charging facilities amidst ocean views.

10. Denver, Colorado

The Mile High City is a gateway to the Rockies and is loaded with EV charging stations. Head into the mountains or explore the artsy neighborhoods of Denver, all while being kind to the environment.

Planning Your Trip

When planning your EV road trip for summer 2024, consider these tips:

  • Locate charging stations along your route before starting off.

  • Check if your accommodations offer overnight charging.

  • Plan your driving around the range of your EV to ensure a smooth and enjoyable trip.

With these top 10 EV-friendly destinations, your summer road trips can be both exhilarating and environmentally friendly. As the network of charging stations continues to grow, the opportunities for sustainable travel expand, making it easier than ever to explore the U.S. in your electric vehicle. Pack your bags, charge up, and hit the road to adventure!

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