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Embracing a Greener Tomorrow

As the world shifts towards a more sustainable future, embracing responsible environmental practices becomes crucial for individuals and businesses alike. One significant way to contribute to this greener future is through Electric Vehicles (EVs) and the infrastructure that supports them.

Transitioning to Electric Vehicles (EVs) charged with clean energy sources significantly reduces emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment. Businesses that provide EV charging infrastructure play a vital role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and combating air pollution.

Secondly, offering EV charging can attract more customers, especially EV owners seeking establishments with charging options. This boosts customer traffic and fosters loyalty, resulting in economic benefits.

Many regions are enforcing stricter environmental regulations, requiring businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Installing EV chargers not only demonstrates environmental responsibility but also ensures compliance, helping businesses avoid penalties.

Investing in EV charging infrastructure prepares businesses for the future as the world shifts towards electric mobility. It ensures relevance and competitiveness in an evolving market.

EV chargers, particularly those for fast charging, are energy-efficient, reducing costs in the long run. This enhances the

economic case for embracing EV charging.

The DieHard® EV Charger Lineup

DieHard EV Chargers provide versatile solutions designed to meet the unique needs of businesses while contributing to a cleaner environment. Learn more about which charger is best for you and your business.

1. DieHard 48 AMP EV Charger (11kW)

  • Ideal for Various Settings: Suited for apartments, hotels, workplaces, and parking operators.

  • Flexible Installation: Can be set up on pedestals or walls, making it adaptable to any location.

  • Universal Compatibility: Compatible with every automaker's electric vehicles.

  • Advanced Features: Includes a 60 AMP breaker, cloud operation, J1772 connector, RFID built-in, and QR code payment. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -22°F to +122°F.

2. DieHard 95 kW DC Fast Dual Station (208V)

  • Efficient Charging Solution: Perfect for hotels, retail stores, and mixed-use properties, offering 208v AC three-phase power.

  • Compatibility: Equipped with Tesla & CCS connectors, making it compatible with all EV brands.

  • Robust Features: Comes with a 250 AMP breaker, cloud operation, J1772 connector, RFID built-in, and QR code payment.

3. DieHard 150 kW DC Fast Dual Station (480V)

  • High-Power Charging: Ideal for locations requiring rapid charging solutions.

  • Versatile and Powerful: Offers 208V AC three-phase input with Tesla & CCS connectors, compatible with all automakers.

These DieHard EV Chargers are designed to cater to various business settings and customer needs. Whether your business operates in a bustling urban environment or a serene rural area, there's a DieHard charger suitable for you.

Portable Power Stations: Flexibility for EV Owners

While DieHard EV Charging focuses on stationary chargers, the role of portable power stations in the EV ecosystem cannot be overlooked. They offer a backup power solution for EVs, especially useful in remote areas or during emergencies.

DieHard EV Chargers embrace the longstanding legacy of reliability, durability, and power. With cutting-edge software, DieHard chargers are equipped with advanced software to meet the highest charging demands. They provide the assurance needed for long journeys, eliminating the worry of where to charge up, so you can count on DieHard EV Chargers. Housing state-of-the-art technology, these chargers also meet the power demands of modern electric vehicles.

DieHard EV Chargers offer businesses the opportunity to play an active role in shaping a greener future. By embracing responsible environmental practices and providing EV charging options, you contribute to reducing carbon emissions, attracting more customers, and future-proofing your business.

As we collectively work towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly world, remember that each small step counts. By choosing the right DieHard EV Charger for your business and promoting clean transportation, you join a growing community of businesses dedicated to a greener tomorrow. Together, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable world for future generations.

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