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National Drive Electric Week 2023: Electrifying the Future of Transportation

Get ready to rev up your enthusiasm for clean energy because National Drive Electric Week is just around the corner, happening from September 22 to October 1, 2023! This nationwide event is all about celebrating the benefits of electric vehicles (EVs) and advocating for a sustainable future in transportation. Let’s dive into the major aspects of National Drive Electric Week and how you can join in on the action.

What is National Drive Electric Week?

National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) is an annual event dedicated to promoting electric vehicles and raising awareness about the benefits they bring to the environment, consumers, and communities. This week-long celebration offers a platform for EV owners, enthusiasts, and curious individuals to come together, share experiences, and learn about the electric driving revolution.

The Main Attractions:

  • EV Showcases and Test Drives: NDEW hosts a variety of events across the United States where you can explore various EV models up close and even take them for a test drive. It's a hands-on opportunity to see how these vehicles perform and experience the thrill of electric driving.

  • Educational Workshops: Whether you're a seasoned EV owner or new to the world of electric vehicles, NDEW offers informative workshops on topics like EV maintenance, charging infrastructure, incentives, and much more. Get your questions answered and learn from experts.

  • Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow EV enthusiasts, local EV clubs, and industry professionals. Share stories, experiences, and insights about the EV lifestyle.

  • EV Parades and Rallies: Join or watch electric vehicle parades and rallies in your area. These fun events showcase the diversity of EVs and their positive impact on communities.

How You Can Get Involved:

Participating in National Drive Electric Week is easy and rewarding. Here's how you can get involved:

  • Attend an Event: Visit the official NDEW website ( to find events near you. Attend a local gathering, explore EVs, and connect with like-minded individuals.

  • Host an Event: If you're an EV owner or enthusiast, consider hosting an event in your community. Share your passion for electric driving with others. The NDEW website provides resources and guidance for event organizers.

  • Spread the Word: Even if you can't attend an event, you can still support the cause by spreading awareness. Share NDEW information on your social media channels, encourage friends and family to attend events, and help promote the benefits of electric vehicles.

Join the Electric Revolution

National Drive Electric Week is more than just a celebration; it's a call to action. By supporting and participating in NDEW, you contribute to the transition to sustainable transportation. Electric vehicles play a crucial role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality, and building a cleaner, greener future for all.

So, mark your calendars, find an event near you, and be a part of National Drive Electric Week 2023. Let's drive towards a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow, one electric mile at a time! 🚗🔌⚡

- Written by Chris Hawkins

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